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Primate Rehabilitation In Malaysia


Help contribute to our primate conservation efforts,

We need funds to feed the gibbons, pay the GReP

staff, create enrichments and many other daily

running costs.

Select a donation amount:

RM 20 – feed a gibbon for a day

RM 140 – feed a gibbon for a week

RM 40 – feed a gibbon for two days

Choose your own donation amount

Buy 'Gibbon Hero' T-shirts

Gibbon Hero Adults short sleeve T-shirt – RM35
Available sixes: Size S to XXXL
Maroon – Dark Grey – Green – Black – Navy Blue

Gibbon Hero Adults long sleeve T-shirt – RM40
Available sixes: Size S to XXXL

Black Gibbon Hero Kids Short Sleeve T-Shirt -RM 30
Available sixes : S to XL P
Pink – Turquoise – Dark blue – Red – Grey

Postage Fee: Peninsular Malaysia : RM8          East Malaysia : RM12
Enquire about overseas postage    Click box to order I WANT ONE !


As a volunteer run NGO, we are always looking for dedicated people to join our team!

Donate your skills and your time to help this endangered species.

Volunteer your skills

PRIMATE HUSBANDRY ( Min 1 month) *


(min 1 month) *





I have other skills I’d like to contribute


* for Malaysian volunteers.

International Volunteers can apply here

Primate Husbandry

If you’re interested in working with primates, volunteer for a month at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Raub Pahang. Assist with daily activities including feeding, cleaning and creating enrichments for our gibbons.

Primate Observation Volunteer

Assist with observing and collecting data on our primates, discover their natural behaviours and the non-natural behaviours caused by their experiences in human hands. Learn ways to encourage natural behaviours through enrichments and other trainings. Your observations can help enhance the rehabilitation program and happiness of the gibbons.

Awareness & Outreach

We aim to educate the public about the threats that gibbons in Malaysia face because of human activities, and the implications of gibbon extinctions. We believe that everyone should be given opportunities to learn the importance of these apes to functioning ecosystems in Malaysia so that they can acknowledge and cherish the gibbons for what they are; Malaysia’s unforgettable singing apes. If you believe the same, volunteer with us at outreach programs or suggest your own.




Add us to your CSR project.
Whether big or small, your company can make a difference.
Let gibbons be your ambassadors

I’d love to collaborate!


Awareness is the no1 way to combat the illegal pet trade, if you have a platform that can help educate people on the importance of gibbons, please contact us:

I’d love to tell your story!



Organise an outreach event in your community.
Invite us to speak or fundraise at your event.
Help educate your community on the importance of gibbons and help us raise funds.

I’d love to collaborate!

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